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Spy Earpiece Battery

Manufacturer: Hightech Gadgets India
Brand: Hightech Gadgets
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Product Code: SE004
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Minimum Quantity: 10 Piece
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Spy Earpiece


The 1.55volt 337 silver oxide low drain type button cell battery has a capacity of 8.3mAh. 337 button battery is for use in spy invisible earpieces, including TE05, TE07, TE08, TE09 and TE03 earpieces. 337 button cell battery replaces SR416SW, 337, V337, GP337, SB-A5, 280-75, LR416 and SR416SW.

The button-type silver oxide battery uses silver oxide (Ag2O) as its positive active material and zinc (Zn) as its negative active material. Potassium hydroxide (KOH) (W-type) or sodium hydroxide (NaOH) (SW-type) is used as an electrolyte.

Item specifics:
Condition: New Branded
Country of Manufacture: India
Style: Branded Earphone Cell
Size: Campact
Battary Backup: 3 to 5 Hr.
Brand: Hightech Gadgets
Size Type: Regular
Key features:: Completely invisible when wear in ear canal.
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty (except physical & water damage or due to negligence)
Colors: Silver

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